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Distribution Boards for EV Chargers

Olson EV have recently launched a new range of distribution boards for EV chargers which incorporate the matt:e O-PEN® protection device. The O-PEN® device can detect load imbalances under all 

conditions including open PEN on three phase PME infrastructures and safely isolates the incoming supply or electrical loads. Utilising the O-PEN® technology on EV applications saves time and costs during installation, but more importantly offers a safer alternative to Earth electrodes.

About Olson EV

With over 60 years of UK manufacturing experience in power distribution units we are excited to launch our first standard range of Distribution Units for electric vehicle chargers. Olson EV have partnered with matt:e Ltd to offer larger number of out going ways whilst utilising the matt:e O-PEN® protection.

This level of protection within the switchgear side of your install reduces disruptive and costly groundworks whilst removing the risk of buried services.

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Address: Olson Electronics Ltd. Olson House. 490 Honeypot Lane, Stanmore, Middx, HA7 1JY

For more information about our exciting Olson EV range of distribution boards for electric vehicle chargers and find out how working with us will have you time, space and risk on-site please contact us. Alternatively, please follow the link below to complete our enquiry form and one of our helpful sales team will be in touch.

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